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Asian rice cracker mix
  • 18.08.2019
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Asian rice cracker mix

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asian rice cracker mix


Lost password? Sign me up for the newsletter! The combination of ingredients in Asian snacks is pleasing to the palate. Above and beyond being loved for their delicious flavors, Asian snacks are also a nutritional treat. Roasted green peas are considered a relatively low-calorie snack. There are calories in a 30g serving. A large portion of those calories come from the carbohydrate content of these tasty little peas.

asian rice cracker mix asian rice cracker mix asian rice cracker mix asian rice cracker mix

Healthy Asian Snacks

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Rice crackers make a wonderful treat! Few snacks can compare with the satisfying crunch and variety of flavors of Japanese Rice Crackers. Our wide selection includes sweet, bitter, and spicy treats. Once you find your favorite If you love eating rice crackers, check out our Wasabi Peas and Nuts!

asian rice cracker mix asian rice cracker mix This is your snack routine calling you. Why not mix it up a bit? Start here with this Asian rice cracker snack mix, an appealing tangle of soy, chili, sesame and a subtle hint of sweetness. Nearly all your flavor bases are covered in this colorful, delightful rice cracker mix! Bring them to the office or put them out the next time the gang comes over for a game.
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Asian rice cracker mix
Asian rice cracker mix

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