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Papilio lowi asian swallowtail

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The Asian Swallowtail or Great Yellow Mormon Papilio lowi is a large butterfly that belongs to the family Papilionidae the swallowtail butterflies. The butterfly has a small distribution range and is only found on the Indonesian island of Borneo and the Philippine islands Palawan and Balabac. Males are characterized by bluish black dorsal wing surface with faint white striping on the hindwing. Both males and females have tails. Females are characterized by a pale yellow dorsal forewing surface with black veins and edging, and a triangular red spot where each wing attaches to the body. The hindwings are black with white and red spots and tails.

papilio lowi asian swallowtail papilio lowi asian swallowtail

Great yellow Mormon or Asian swallowtail (Papilio lowi)

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papilio lowi asian swallowtail papilio lowi asian swallowtail papilio lowi asian swallowtail papilio lowi asian swallowtail Papilio is a genus in the swallowtail butterfly family , Papilionidae , as well as the only representative of the tribe Papilionini. The word papilio is Latin for butterfly. The genus includes a number of well-known North American species such as the western tiger swallowtail Papilio rutulus. Familiar species in elsewhere in the world include the Mormons Papilio polytes , Papilio polymnestor , Papilio memnon , and Papilio deiphobus in Asia, the orchard and Ulysses swallowtails in Australia Papilio aegeus , Papilio ulysses , respectively and the citrus swallowtail of Africa Papilio demodocus. Older classifications of the swallowtails tended to use many rather small genera. More recent classifications have been more conservative, and as a result a number of former genera are now absorbed within Papilio. The genus as recognized by modern systems has about members.
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