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Gay feet blogspot

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gay feet blogspot


A place for Male Art, focused on masculinity in faces and feet. Every adult-minded person is welcome. I was a close friend of Bud Larsen, how sad I am! He passed away some months ago. He was some of the finest erotic artist, and the greatest, kindest friend. We had fun in the post-fair party, he was wearing a flowered shirt. We exchanged some regular mails, I still keep 3 letters of him with unvaluable illustrations.

gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot

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There are a LOT of things that I could do here on blogger that I will not be able to do on Tumblr, where uploading original photo and art content ONLY are what's permitted, or reblogging other peoples posts are the name of the game. Labels won't work as well over there either, so those have departed as well. I've noticed that my viewership numbers were starting to dip, and I think Tumblr is just easier for people to use these days. You can find us on tumblr here:. We're already started posting and you'll already find a lot to browse, so be sure to check out our archive. Thank you for your readership over the years.

gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot gay feet blogspot
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Voodoojin | 24.08.2019
The trouble with all these movies is that its the same old spindle bozos showing up all the time. There are scores and scores of different ladies showing up in these movies but only about 8 or10 different spindle bozos. It's not lengthy before you get fed up of witnessing them all the time. It wouldn't be so bad if they could act, but they can't even do that!
Mezijind | 20.08.2019
thanks, yes, he is=)
Faurn | 23.08.2019
Love it stunner your so hot xx
Fenrilmaran | 26.08.2019
hell no, there is inappropriate content on there
Mubar | 28.08.2019
you can see a gap in her entire its spread out gross
Gay feet blogspot
Gay feet blogspot

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