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Yellow on bottom of feet
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Yellow on bottom of feet

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yellow on bottom of feet


When feet and palms turn yellow, it could mean quite a number of health conditions. Some may be serious while others may only pose an esthetic problem. Yellowing of the skin at the bottom of feet is often associated with diabetes, liver problems, and calluses. However, the problem can extend to other parts of the body, mostly the palms and eyes. Toenails can also turn yellow especially when there is a deficiency of some important vitamins.

yellow on bottom of feet yellow on bottom of feet yellow on bottom of feet yellow on bottom of feet

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On an initial glance, you may find that the bottom of your feet has a yellowish hue. A case of bottom of feet yellow is nothing to worry about as it is normally harmless and tends to go away on its own. The discoloration on this area of your feet could be an indication of excess beta-carotene presence in your diet, an exposure to harmful chemicals, or it could mean that there is a serious, underlying health condition. To identify what is causing bottom of feet yellow, you may need to visit a physician for a proper medical diagnosis. In this article, we are going to look at its causes, symptoms, treatment, and home remedies. Skin discoloration is normally very perplexing when a person does not understand what is causing it. Yellow discoloration on the bottom area of your feet normally indicates that there could be a compound burdening your body.

yellow on bottom of feet yellow on bottom of feet Skin discoloration can be quite disconcerting if you do not understand the cause for it. Even if the etiological factor is benign, and the discoloration responds quickly to medications, yellow discoloration indicates that some process or a certain substance may be burdening the body. There are a host of factors responsible for the skin turning yellowish, and it is vital that you talk to your doctor to establish the cause. Yellow discoloration of the feet tends to cause immense worry and apprehension. Thus, it is best that you visit your health care professional. He may ask you to carry out a few investigations, such as, blood picture, sonogram and X ray.
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Yellow on bottom of feet
Yellow on bottom of feet

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